Tuesday, June 19, 2012


We are supposed to take possession of our new house today. It is supposed to be fun and exciting. Jax, at not quite three years old really wants to sit in the moving truck and has been "helping" us pack up the house - which is a complete disaster area right now.

We built this home from the ground up.  We carefully picked our lot, made some major modifications to a floor plan we liked and went through the process of going to numerous suppliers to pick out all of our finishes.  It was a lot of work, and we are thrilled with how everything turned out.  This is our "forever" home.  We will raise our family there.  We will likely retire there, and only move when we are no longer able to climb the stairs.  Then why am I upset?  Well, let me start by advising that if you are  ever going to get a mortgage, DO NOT go through Royal Bank.  They have completely screwed us over and we will never go back to them.  This is actually the second time they've done so.  You think we would have learned.

I have been a Royal Bank customer for my entire life.  When I was still delivering newspapers in Junior High, I set up some mutual funds with them, with the help of my dad.  My savings, chequings, RRSPs, credit card, my old student line of credit, even life insurance - everything has been with them.  My husband is the same.  Unfortunately we are stuck with our 4 year mortgage with them now, but once that is up for renewal, you can be sure that we are taking every last dime we have out of their institution ang going elsewhere, never to return.

Weeks ago we provided our mortgage specialist with all the final documentation they would need - our possession letter and the statement of adjustments from the builder.  As a lawyer who handles real estate transactions, I am familiar with the process.  RBC at this point needs to get mortgage instructions to the lawyer.  We are using the builder's lawyer because it seemed easier that using my own office.  I've been following up and putting pressure on the bank for at least two weeks now because the law office did not have the documentation. 

First we had issues with interim financing.  They got that to me too late, so we were forced to borrow some money from my in-laws.  Thank goodness we were able to do that, or we'd probably still be working out that issue as well.

Now, after much pressure, several mistakes, last minute changes, and general miscommunication, we recieved notice yesterday that they would have it by 1:00pm.  Then by 3:30.  Then by the end of the day.  This morning I got an e-mail at 7:57 that "they were hitting send right now" on the fax.  Then they would have it within 10 minutes (of a 9:30 phone call).  Then by 10:30.  Now, it seems that they did send it at 11:15, but that is just the bank confirming - and "confirming" the wrong possession day.  I haven't been able to verify anything with the law office yet.  There is still a small possibility that we will take possession by the end of the day, but by hopes are fading by the minute.

Moving is stressful enough.  This was not something I needed added to my plate.  I took a day off work to deal with possession, and this is unpaid time off.  It was initially only supposed to be a half day but I extended that so that I could sign the paperwork at the lawyer's in the morning and do the walkthrough in the afternoon.  Needless to say, I have not signed the paperwork yet.  It is now noon.

I have never in my life been as angry as I am right now.  I am absolutely furious.  We have services scheduled to come in tomorrow and Thursday.  Movers come on Friday.  So do several deliveries and more services.  We have several friends and family members helping us out on Saturday to finish moving everything that the movers don't take.  If possession is delayed more than a day or two, we are up the creek without a paddle.  Some of those services schedule over a month in advance, so if we have to cancel their appointment, we'd be looking at having no phone, internet or TV for that long.  As my husband, the techie, how he feels about that.  His favorite room in the new house is also a dedicated theatre room.

If we could go to a different bank today, I would, but we are stuck with RBC for the next four years.  After that, adios.  I plan to write a strongly worded letter to them, though I think the only good it will do is provide me with another opportunity to vent.  Will they change their policies?  Will it help another couple?  Will we get so much as an apology or explanation?  Will the right people be disciplined?  Maybe I'm being pessimistic, but I doubt it.  It won't stop me from writing the letter but I do not have high hopes.  I'm sure no one at the bank will lose sleep of the loss of one customer, or even one family of customers, but I look forward to packing up and moving on.  I only wish that I actually had followers so that more people could be warned against them!  We do have a mortgage on our rental property through Scotia Bank, and they seem good...

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