Monday, November 26, 2012

Waiting Game

So I've suspected for a little while that I have become preggers again.  I have had some significant breast tenderness for almost two weeks now, and finally last Friday I caved and took a home pregnancy test.  Hooray, a positive result!  Any not a wishy washy, wait the three minutes and wonder if that second line is actually there or if it's your imagination, but boom, as soon as the control line appeared, so too did the positive result!

So yes, it was a weekend of being grateful.  That said, it was also a weekend full of fear.  Friday morning I got the positive result and Friday afternoon I noticed some spotting, which resulted in me crawling into bed all afternoon wondering if IT was going to happen again.  When my little man woke up from his nap all I could do was invite him to crawl into bed with me and play with my iPad while I worried and wondered.

Thankfully it was a minor amount of spotting, and only lasted that afternoon.  Nothing else since, so my concerns have eased somewhat, but that's not to say that I think I will be able to relax until at least this first trimester is done with.  I have actually started to feel the hunger urges more, and even a little bit of nausea combined with the breast tenderness, and I am currently welcoming every little symptom as proof that I am indeed pregnant.  If the symptoms get worse though, who knows how long I can keep that positive attitude!

We haven't told any family or friends (and precious few even know of blog, so I'm not too worried about posting, this is more of just my online diary that anyone who happens to stumble across can fulfill some of their peeping tom desires by reading about my personal life!), and I'm inclined to wait until I get a normal ultrasound done.  Hopefully that will be sooner rather than later as with holiday season approaching, it will be next to impossible to bluff my way out of drinking alcohol at all without raising suspicions.  Doctor's appointment is scheduled for Wednesday, and hopefully I'll get an ultrasound booked shortly thereafter.

Fingers crossed at five weeks - 35 to go!

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