Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The last week is always the longest...

Is it really only Tuesday morning?!  Yikes.  That last week before you go on holidays really drags out.

My little man and I are heading across the country this weekend to visit a slew of family members.  I'm looking forward to the holiday, but boy does it seem to be taking a long time to come!  We get to stay on my grandparents old farm, a beautiful piece of property which my Aunt and Uncle have since purchased and have been sprucing up.  It is also home to a couple tractors, four horses, a large pond and as much space as an almost 3 year old could want.  It will be great for Jax, especially since his cousins will also be there to play with.

I'm going to have a great time too, it can't be helped when that many people are getting together (my parents are also making the trip and pretty well all my aunts, uncles and cousins live in the area too), but I can't help but feel a bit sad.  This is going to be the last summer my grandparents will be living on the farm.  They've been there since there were newlyweds, but at 89 and 90 years old, it is time for them to be in a place where there is a little extra help around if they need it.  Sounds like they are moving to an assisted living centre this fall.  I'm also wondering how many more visits, if any, I'll get with them, and that's a sobering thought.

I have not been very good at making the trip out there to visit all the family members, and I know that.  Life just often seems to get in the way.  The last time I was out was for my grandparent's 65th anniversary celebration, which was four years ago now.  They'll have been married 70 years come January, and are still obviously completely in love with each other.  That is such an accomplishment, and their relationship is one that everyone who knows them should use as a model.

In any event, Jax has never been out there, and many family members have not even met him (mostly my mother's side, as we've done some holidays with my dad's side since Jax was born).  That does cause me some guilt, and I have been subject to a few comments intended I think, to guilt me into coming out more often.  I think those comments are all meant in the best way, but it does make me feel bad and a bit resentful towards those that would use those tactics.  I will try to put all that behind me and renew some of those bonds on this trip.  I am hoping that it will not be a true goodbye to my amazing grandparents.  At that age though, who can tell?  Meanwhile I will try to slug through the next few days and find the time to pack for both myself and Jax.  Not quite sure when that will happen.  I'm sure there will be a few stories of the trip when i get back!

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